St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Evansville and German Township We welcome you to our church, located within German Township, three-miles outside of Evansville! St. Paul’s UCC is a progressive and welcoming Christian church. Our church is an important part of Evansville, through our active Health Ministries and community outreach programs.

What is the United Church of Christ? The United Church of Christ (UCC) is made up 1.4 million members from over 6,000 congregations throughout the United States. We are an open and inclusive church with a strong commitment to worldwide missions. Most of our congregations are progressive and engage in a faith that engages both the heart and mind. We have a strong commitment to local church autonomy, but celebrate our covenantal partnership to unity and Christian mission. Our congregations are as diverse as the people and ideas of our world, but find a common commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the promise for a better world. For more information on the United Church of Christ please visit the UCC website.

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